The Randolph Chortitzer Mennonite Church was the first CMC church built in Canada. The first building at Chortitz (now known as Randolph) was constructed in 1876 and later replaced in 1896 by the one that still remains today. 

The church at Chortitz served as the central church of the conference for many years, as it was the home church of the Bishop.  This is where the conference received the name "Chortitzer" (a name which was retired in 2015).  During the latter half of the 20th century, it slowly lost much of its congregation to the churches in larger neighbouring communities; as well, the Steinbach church eventually became the conference's new administrative center.  The Sunday School program was discontinued in the late 1990's.  The congregation's numbers continued to dwindle and in 2010, the CMC decided it was time to close the church.  A decommissioning service was held on August 29, 2010, to celebrate God's grace upon the Mennonite people at Randolph.

The Chortitz church was the last of our conference churches to conduct its services in the traditional Mennonite fashion.   All services were held in German and no musical instruments were used for singing.

The site has been declared a local Heritage Site, as a means to preserve the site for future generation.  The cemetery across the road from the church is now a Heritage Cemetery.


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