Pray for Duane and Sylvia Goertzen as they serve at Roseau River Bible Camp. Recently they reported how God had been answering prayer at the camp: “On Monday November 28th the staff team prayed specifically that God would send word to us this week that we would receive the funding for the biomass boiler project (major upgrade from our current coal boiler system).

In a step of faith, we removed the old bike/maintenance house so that the new cement pad could go in its place to hold the boiler and bin. By Thursday the house was gone and the concrete was in. As the finishing touches were being done on the pad, we received the phone call that the project would be funded!” Let us praise God with them and continue to pray as they strive to complete other projects around the camp.

Pray for Elsie Reimer as she continues to serve with NCEM. Pray that God would strengthen her for the challenges of life and ministry.

Kevin and Maria Martens have now been in Montevideo Uruguay for nearly four months. This is often the time when the newness of the ministry fades and cultural shock becomes that much more real. Also, they are continuing to learn Spanish while at the same time putting large energies into encouraging the missionaries they are in contact with.

Pray for Russ and Nancy Sullivan (NTM). They will be spending some time with their family in Manitoba in December. Pray that this visit would be a blessing for all of them.

Pastor Peter Wiebe (Dee Harrlijche Bootschaft) will be travelling in South America during most of January, 2017. He will be visiting many of the people that listen to the Low-German radio programming. Pleas pray that he will travel safely and that his presence will be a blessing wherever he goes.

Pray especially for our missionaries that will spend Christmas away from their families. This is a real challenge and we need to stand with them in encouragement and prayer.